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Hyperlink and Image URL length in click-tracking enabled email

Knowledge Article Number 000239684

The URLs utilized in Marketing Cloud email content cannot exceed 900 characters in total length.




For use cases where greater lengths are required (e.g.: very long analytics parameters in the query string), the AMPScript Concat() function can be leveraged to build larger URLs programatically.

This would operate as follows:

VAR @url, @paramsA, @paramsB, @finalURL
SET @url = ""
SET @paramsA = "a=AVeryLongStringOfCharacaters"
SET @paramsB = "b=AnEvenLongerStringOfCharacters"

SET @finalURL = Concat(@url,"?",@paramsA,"&",@paramsB)

<p>This is a link
<a href=%%=RedirectTo(@finalURL)=%%>ClickMe</a>

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