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Can't approve or deny group membership request and layout best practices

Knowledge Article Number 000239687
Description As a group owner, you receive requests from potential members asking for approval to join your group. If the group page doesn't have a way for you to actually approve or deny the requests, you may be missing the Membership Request from the group layout. And while you've got the group layout page open, lets check to see if you've got everything you need for your group.
  1. Navigate to Setup.
  2. Enter "Group" in the Quick Find box.
  3. In the results, click Group Layout.
  4. Click Related Lists.
  5. Add Membership Requests to your layout and click Save.
While the group layout page is open, check to make sure these are included:
  • In Actions, you need Add Member, Manage Notifications, and Edit Group.
  • If you want customers to be able to access your group, make sure the Allow Customers box is checked.
  • If you want a group to be used just for broadcasting, make sure the Broadcast Only box is checked.

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