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Set Up Health Cloud

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Welcome to Salesforce Health Cloud!

Health Cloud is a patient relationship platform built by Salesforce in collaboration with numerous design and integration partners. It uses the power of the cloud, social, and mobile technologies to create an environment that enables everyone from admins to patients to specialists to get the information they need at any time and on any device. Health Cloud gives you a complete view of patient data, enables smarter patient management, and makes real-time patient engagement possible.

To get started with Health Cloud, follow these steps to get you set up and running faster.


Step 1: Go to Account Settings and verify that the Contacts to Multiple Accounts option is enabled in your Salesforce org.

You can’t install the Health Cloud package without enabling the Shared Contacts feature. If you need guidance, the Health Cloud Implementation Guide will help you verify that you’re good to go.

Step 2: Install the Health Cloud package.

  • Paste installation link from the Terms and Conditions section of your contract into your browser’s address bar and press Enter.
  • Log in as a system administrator.
  • Click Install.

Step 3: Set up your org.

  • Set up My Domain (wait for the domain to register) and deploy to users.
  • Assign default record types, page layouts, and permission sets to your system administrator profile. And make sure you’re a Service Cloud User so you can access the Health Cloud Console.

Step 4: Configure Health Cloud profiles, permission sets, and roles. 

Get ready to manage the different users who make up Health Cloud: Health Cloud admins, internal Salesforce users, patients, care coordinators, and care community members.

Step 5: Customize the Health Cloud console. 

We've given you the ability to edit the key components and attributes that you'll need to make your instance of Health Cloud fit your company's needs. 

Step 6: Migrate your patient data.

Patient creation includes two processes: a job flow that creates the patients and then a mapping group that maps data from the Candidate Patient object to other patient objects. The settings that control these processes are available for customization so that you can control how patient creating and data mapping occur in your org.

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