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Files Connect: Secure Agent installer upgrade process

Knowledge Article Number 000239697
Description Following is the recommended method to upgrade Files Connect Secure Agent installer on the server.
Resolution On the server machine where Secure Agent is installed:

1. Backup auth.jks files (located under [agent installation folder]\etc\auth.jks) 
2. Uninstall the current Secure Agent 
3. Run the latest Secure Agent installer setup 
4. During configuration, select 'Re-use existing keystore' and select the backed-up jks file in Step 1 

Note: If using secure HTTP Sharepoint host, the custom SSL certificate will need to be re-imported for the Files Connect app to connect with the latest  secure agent. Steps to import SSL certificate are in the Files Connect Agent setup guide under "Connecting to an on-premises external data source using HTTPS" section.

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