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Summer '16: API Access settings for installed packages are no longer available

Knowledge Article Number 000239703
Description Prior to Summer '16 when users View Installed Package Details the "API Access" attribute was available.
Description: This allowed users to set the type of access that the API and dynamic Apex code that package components have. The default setting is Unrestricted, which means that all package components that access the API have the same access as the user who is logged in. Click Enable Restrictions or Disable Restrictions to change the API and dynamic Apex access permissions for a package.
Resolution With Summer '16 this attribute has been removed from installed package detail pages.

It has been identified that access settings behind the API Access attribute are only applicable if your organization has a legacy org feature enabled that has now been deprecated. The majority of customers do not have this mentioned feature enabled for their org and it may not be turned on moving forward.

If your organization does not have the deprecated legacy feature enabled then the API Access attribute will no longer be visible upon viewing installed packages because its settings do not apply or actually affect your installed packages. Removal of the attribute will not have an adverse affect or result in any change to the way your installed packages function despite whether or not you may have configured access for them prior to the Summer '16 release.

If your organization happens to have the legacy feature enabled then API access settings are applicable and you will continue to see the attribute for installed packages to properly manage the settings accordingly.

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