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How do I create a clone button for Accounts?

Knowledge Article Number 000239712
Description Within the Accounts object there is no standard clone button like there is on Leads or Cases. However you can create one.
Resolution To do this first go to Setup | Customize | Accounts | Buttons and Links | New. Enter the following in each of the fields:

Label: Clone
Name: Clone
Description: Button to clone Accounts
Display Type: Detail Page Button
Behavior: Display in existing window without sidebar or header
Content Source: URL
Link: /{!Account.Id}/e?clone=1

Once the button has been created it will need to be added to the Account page layout.

To do this go to Setup | Customize | Accounts | Page Layouts. Edit the Layout you want to add the new button to, and double click Detail Page Buttons. Now add the Clone button from the list of available buttons to the list of selected buttons, click OK, and then click Save.

Cloning an account will transfer Account fields to the new record. However, it will not clone any of the related records.


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