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Unable to make changes to an existing Audience in Audience Builder

Knowledge Article Number 000239771
You're able to view an Audience created by another User, but the buttons to Delete, Edit, Copy, Refresh, and Publish the Audience are missing.
The missing functions are due to an issue with your profile permissions. A System Administrator can follow the below steps to update your profile permissions to allow you Edit Permissions in Audience Builder.

Update Profile Permissions

1. Log into your Marketing Cloud Account as a System Administrator. 
2. Hover over the User’s name in the top-right corner of the application, and click Administration.
3. Hover over "Account" in the top-left corner of the screen that pops up. 
4. Click Users. 
5. Click the User with the issue. 
6. Check the box next to the name, then click Manage Roles.
7. Click Edit Permissions.
8. Expand the sections for Audience Builder and Others Audiences.
9. Select Allow for the User under "Individual" to ensure that any approved permissions for Delete, Edit, Copy, Refresh, and Publish are enabled. 
10. Uncheck ViewOnly if "Allow" is already selected. 

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