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Error Invalid Data

Knowledge Article Number 000239776
Description Error: Invalid Data.
Review all error messages below to correct your data.
Sid SF Test for email does not have an accessible email address. 

(When sending emails from Contact using custom field for Email example: "Work Email" below image throws an Error: Invalid Data)
Error Invalid Data
Resolution The Enhanced Email preference is automatically enabled for most customer orgs with the Summer '16 release. With Enhanced Email enabled, sending an email from a Contact record to a custom email address field results in an error when there is no email address in the standard email address field.

As shown in the image above "Work Email"

This is currently a Known Issue and you can visit the link below for the current status of this issue.

Workaround Steps: 
- Populate an email address in the standard email field.
- Disable Enhanced Email
     a. Go to Setup > Customize > Email > Enhanced Email > Click on "Disabled".

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