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Exporting report in Excel Sheet is creating links for internet addresses and emails

Knowledge Article Number 000239791
Description As per:
Summer 16: Report Export now contains decoded HTML tags

When we run a report, which has formula fields which result in an internet address or email address, these will be clickable. Upon exporting the fields will be converted to html links.
This is considered expected now as of Summer '16.
Resolution Below is the workaround to export the report without HTML tags in Excel Sheet.

Might you be using a formula field, which just uses a field on the same object, use the original field instead, otherwise:

Since the workaround is using workflow, it will only be triggered on the object it self, not cross object.
  1. Create a new Text field on the object which is affected.
  2. Create a Workflow Rule on the same affected object.
  3. Click on Setup | Create | Workflow & Approvals | Workflows | New Workflow | Select the Object |
    1. Name the Workflow and Give the Rule criteria as "True"
    2. Evaluation Criteria is "created, and any time it's edited to subsequently meet criteria"
    3. Choose the newly created Text field on Field to Update.
    4. Choose Field Update action with "Use a formula to set the new value".
    5. Choose the Formula field or URL field from Insert Field and Save the Field Update action.
    6. Click on Save and Activate the Workflow rule.
  4. Now, Customize the Report and add the new Text field which is mentioned on the Workflow Rule.
For a Custom Report Type, you would need to add the field to the Report Type first


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