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Legacy Charts in Salesforce1 to Begin Phased Retirement in Winter ’17

Knowledge Article Number 000239794
Description 1. What is the change and when will it happen?
With the Winter ’17 release, Salesforce will begin the phased retirement of Legacy Charts in Salesforce1. With phase one, in the Winter ’17 release, Enhanced Charts can be toggled on or off from Setup. In the Spring ’17 release*, Enhanced Charts will automatically replace Legacy Charts in Salesforce1. However, you’ll have the option to re-enable Legacy Charts for your Salesforce1 users. With phase two, in the Summer ’17 release**, Legacy Charts will no longer be available, and all Salesforce1 users will see Enhanced Charts only.
* Currently targeted for February 2017; date subject to change.
** Currently targeted for June 2017; date subject to change.
The retirement of Legacy Charts applies to Salesforce1 only. Charts in Salesforce Classic and Lightning Experience are not changing.
Enhanced Charts in Salesforce1 have the same functionality across all supported devices and operating systems.
  • Beginning with the Summer ’17 release, admins will no longer see the “Enable Enhanced Charts in Salesforce1” setting in Setup, as Enhanced Charts will become the only chart option.
  • Orgs created with Summer ’16 or later are not impacted by this change. All Salesforce1 users of such orgs only see Enhanced Charts by default and the option to enable Legacy Charts is not available via Setup.
Legacy Charts are being retired as part of a phased retirement, and the date of full retirement may be moved to a later release. We will keep the release notes and the Legacy Charts Retirement  announcement updated with information as it becomes available.
2. What action do customers need to take?
Enhanced Charts will automatically be enabled for all Salesforce1 users with the Spring ’17 release. No action is required if customers wish to use Enhanced Charts in Salesforce1.  
If customers wish to continue the use of Legacy Charts after the Winter ’17 release, Enhanced Charts can be disabled via Setup | Reports and Dashboards Settings.  However, with the Summer ’17 release, this option will no longer be available and Salesforce1 users will see Enhanced Charts only.
If you don’t want to wait for the Spring ’17 release to experience Enhanced Charts in Salesforce1, you can turn them on now. For both sandbox and production environments, turn on the “Enable Enhanced Charts in Salesforce1” option from Setup | Reports and Dashboards Settings. Customers are encouraged to test Enhanced Charts in their sandbox environment prior to enabling the feature in their production environment.
For more details, see the Show Enhanced Charts in Salesforce1 help topic.
3. Why are you replacing Legacy Charts with Enhanced Charts?
We are upgrading our charts to improve the overall analytics user experience.  Enhanced Charts are more interactive and responsive than Legacy Charts, allowing users to more easily gain insights from their dashboards. Enhanced Charts also give users consistency with Lightning Experience.
4. Is there any data loss or data discrepancy between Legacy Charts and Enhanced Charts?
There is no data loss. However, take note of these differences:

  • Enhanced Charts show only the first 200 groupings.
  • On tablets, dashboards always have two columns. On phones, dashboards always have one column.
  • On mobile dashboards, Enhanced Chart components don't show footers, but titles and subtitles still display. If there is important information in a component footer, consider moving it to the title or subtitle.

See the “Charts” section in the Reports and Dashboards: What’s Not Available in Salesforce1 help topic for more details.
5. Where can I get more information?
Join the conversation in the Reports and Dashboards Success Community Group.
For additional questions, open a case with Support via the Help & Training portal.

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