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Change first name, last name display order in List Views

Knowledge Article Number 000239808

By default, List Views for Contacts, Leads, Personal Account, and Users display Names as "Last Name, First Name."

To display names in "First Name, Last Name" format, use these steps:



 1. Click Setup.
 2. Click Customize | select Contacts, Leads, Personal Accounts, or Users | select Fields.
 3. Under "User Custom Fields," click New.
 4. Select Formula, then click Next.
 5. In the "Field Label" and "Field Name" fields, enter a name and a label for your new field.
 6. Under "Formula Return Type," select Text, then click Next
 7. In the "Simple Formula" field, enter one of these formulas:

  • For Contacts, Leads, or Users, enter:  HYPERLINK("URL"& Id , FirstName & " " & LastName)
  • For Personal Accounts, enter:  HYPERLINK("URL"& Id , PersonContact.FirstName & " " & PersonContact.LastName)
  • Example: If your Salesforce instance URL is "" then your "Users" formula will be HYPERLINK(""& Id , FirstName & " " & LastName)
 8. In the "Description" and "Help Text" fields, enter some descriptive text, then click Next.
 9. Select your Field-Level Security options, then click Next.
10. Select a Page Layout to add your New Custom Field to, then click Save.


After you're done creating your New Custom Field, you can also add it to a List View to change how names display there. For help, read our List View documentation.

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