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Summer'16 - Communities URL appends "/s/detail"

Knowledge Article Number 000239828
Communities which were created before salesforce introduced templates, tend to append  "/s/detail" in their URLs after Summer'16. 
This is an intended change to associate every community with template

Expected URL:

Actual URL:
If the communities in the org are created without associating any template to it, then these changes are observed.

Here are the steps to check if the community is associated to template,
1. Go to Setup -> Build -> Customize -> Communities -> All Communities. 
2. Beside the Community Name, Under  "Action" you can see "Manage" button. Click on the Manage button, it will open a new page.
3. Under Administration -> Settings ->  "Template" 

If there is no template associated to the community, then you will see "No Template" under template section. 

Follow the below steps to avoid appending "/s/detail" in the URLs.
1. Try running the below query in workbench/Developer Console:
Query :  SELECT Name,OptionsSiteAsContainerEnabled FROM Network where name = '<communityname>' 
2. If the field "OptionsSiteAsContainerEnabled" is set as True, Kindly change that value to "False" . This should help to resolve the issue.

Additional Details / Discussions:  (Need login access to community to view the post)

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