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How to obtain system Queue list

Knowledge Article Number 000239829
Description Need to generate a list of Org's Queue ID’s & Queue Name.
Resolution Report on Queue ID's with queue name is not possible. Below is the Idea link which can be promoted.

Reporting on Queues

As a work around Workbench can be used by following below steps.

1) Go to website
2) Click drop down list of Queries
3) Select SOQL Query from the list
4) Select Group from  object drop down list.
5) Accordingly select the fields from the field list.(Using CTRL button choose multiple fields)
6) Add Filter result by "Type equals Queue"
7) Click on Query and see the below Query Result.
8) Below is the workbench query as an example: 

SELECT Id,Name,Type FROM Group WHERE Type = 'Queue'


Above SOQL Query can be used in other API tools like Data Loader etc.

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