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Create Courtesy Licenses for Configuration Services

Knowledge Article Number 000239854

Configuration Services (included as a part of your Premier+ Support package) includes 2 courtesy licenses that are added to your account free of charge. 

These licenses are created and reserved for the Configuration Services team to use when working on your requests and should not be used by any other user in your organization.

Note: These Users can be easily identified by name (SFDC Admin1 and SFDC Admin2) and are secure and traceable, providing transparency and accountability for any work done by the Configuration Services team. Only members of the Salesforce Configuration Services team will use these licenses. 

Getting Started

In order for The Configuration Services team to login and complete your requests, you'll first need to setup and activate your Courtesy Licenses using the steps below:


How to request your Courtesy Licenses

Log a case with our Configuration Services team and we'll work with you to setup the Courtesy Licenses:

1. Log in to Salesforce.

2. Click Help & Training.

3. Click Contact Support (Create a case). 

4. Click Configuration Services.

5. Click Setup & Customization.

6. Click User Creation/Maintenance. 

6. Enter the subject "Setup Courtesy Licenses"

7. If you're an authorized Designated Contact & System Administrator for your org, let us know and include that information in your case's description and authorize Support to create the licenses for you in your org. Then, grant login access:

Once we get your case, we will create the 2 Courtesy Licenses for you, and confirm with you that you are all set to start logging Configuration Services cases!

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