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Syncing All-Day Event in Lightning Sync, will convert to a 24 hour event in Salesforce

Knowledge Article Number 000239859

When creating an 'All-Day Event' in Salesforce, once the record completes a sync process with Microsoft Exchange, the 'All-Day Event' check box will be unchecked on the event record in Salesforce.  The Start value will be 12:00 AM of the current event day, and the End value will be 12:00 AM of the ensuing day.  The Microsoft Outlook Event maintains the 'All Day' property.

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Resolution The behavior seen above is working as designed.  For an All-Day Event created in Salesforce, with bi-directional sync, an All-Day Event will be created on the Exchange side; however upon full synchronization, the event in Salesforce will become a 24 hour event.  The logic is designed in such a way due to the various Outlook clients Exchange can communicate with.  There are different properties that come with these events, and how each client treats All-Day Events.   In order to provide a consistent user experience, the we treat these events as 24 hour events. 

As a result, the All-Day Event checkbox will be removed, and the Start and End time will change to a 24 hour time span (12:00 AM of the date of the event, until 12:00 AM of the following day (see Post-Sync image above).

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