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Why do I get search results that aren't relevant to my search term?

Knowledge Article Number 000239876
Description Some customers may have observed that they get multiple search results even though according to them the results do not contain matches to the search term.

For example:

Consider we have 2 Account records, where the term Acme can be found in the name field of Record 1 and a custom text field called "Text123" on Record 2

[Note: This custom text field "Text123" is hidden from the Account Page Layout and hence cannot be seen on the Account record]

When the end user searches for the term Acme, they expect to see only one record returned i.e., Record 1 ,but 2 records are returned instead.

Resolution This is working as designed and is also documented on H&T under "Searchable Fields by Object in Salesforce Classic" as follows:

"When you search for a value in a field that's hidden from you by field-level security, your results include the record that contains the field. However, you can't see the field."

If you'd like to confirm that the search term is indeed present in another field that is hidden from the page layout, you can run a simple SOQL query in Data Loader or any API selecting ALL fields.

For example:

SELECT Name,...... WHERE Id = '00116000002XXxX'

["......" -  Are the various fields you have on the entity you running the query on]

Once you run the query, do a CTRL+ F and search for the keyword, based on our example above, if we search for "Acme", we will see that the term matches the contents of "Text123" which is hidden from the layout.

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