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INTERNAL ONLY: "Insufficient Privileges" error when accessing a Sandbox Detail Page

Knowledge Article Number 000239881
Description An "Insufficient Privileges" error is received when accessing a Sandbox Detail Page, even by System Administrators.
Resolution The issue can be caused by a Sandbox referencing a Sandbox Template that does not exist in the org.
To resolve the issue: 
  1. Go to the Sandbox List page for the org on the blacktab.
  2. Click on the "API Bpos" subtab.
  3. Click on the "Show Api Bpos" button. 
  4. Click the + (plus) sign beside the affected Sandbox name. 
  5. The section "Sandbox Info" has a Template field which should show "00000000000". 
  6. Click Edit and that field should then show as blank. 
  7. Click to save and then the Sandbox Detail page should then be accessible.

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