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Some Macros won't run with "This Macro can't be used on the current tab" error since Summer 16

Knowledge Article Number 000239889

Some Macros in Console are not working after Summer 16 and throwing "This Macro can't be used on the current tab" error when you select the macro from the console.

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Resolution Quick workaround :
It is resolved when you manually re-save the macro which has the problem.

Why this error is suddenly happening in Summer 16 : 

In July 2015, MacroInstruction started using FlexIndex. Since Summer 16, there was a change that we query MacroInstruction through the indexing and all the Macros created before July 2015 are affected and return the error.

Running the following SOQL will not return the correct result. (Please replace '0JZB00000000Egi' with your Macro ID)
select MacroId, Id, Operation, Target, Value, ValueRecord from MacroInstruction where (MacroId in ('0JZB00000000Egi')) order by MacroId asc, SortOrder asc

How to fix this issue :

If the customer has many macros affected, please work with Tier3 to run a scrutiny. If it is verified as the same issue, it can be fixed by running “ScrutinyFlexIndex” scrutiny.

1. Go to the BlackTab of relevant org instance
2. In BlackTab, go to "Scrutiny" page
3. Specify:
a. Org id
b. Max Quick rows (default is 100, but that may be too low. You can possibly set to a large number)
c. Recipients (set your email address)
4. Confirm that "Run on instances" shows correct instance
5. Select both "Run fixers" and "Commit fixers"
6. Specify "MacroInstruction" in "Entity (For CF and CI)"
7. Under "Scrutiny Tasks", select CF -> ScrutinyFlexIndex
8. Click "Run"
9. Check Scrutiny email confirmation. If the number of rows affected is same as “Max Quick rows” (3b), there are more rows to be processed. Repeat the process until you receive an email with number of rows less than “Max Quick rows”.

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