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Web-to-Case Autoresponse - There is an issue with This Case

Knowledge Article Number 000239891
Description When using Web-to-Case, cases can be created for which the email address is invalid, when Salesforce determines that the email address is not valid, it will not be able to send an auto response. Salesforce will then send a notification email to the case owner, to notify that no auto response could be sent.

This is sent as a reminder that no auto response was sent and you should follow up yourself. View part of an example:
Subject: There is an issue with This Case
Reason: The customer email address entered was invalid. The customer did not receive a confirmation email, but a case has been created.

For more information about this error or help with Web-to-Case, please contact Customer Support.

Record Information:
email = user@salesforce
encoding = UTF-8
Resolution If you do not want these notifications to be sent to case owners, you can work around this behaviour, using the criteria settings of Case Auto-Response rules.

Within the Web-to-Case settings, you can set a Default Response Template, this one will be sent out, when no Case Auto-Response rule was sent.

If you do not have any Case Auto-Response rules, now is the time to create one. In case you are using you will need to adjust your criteria, for all Rule Entries.

If you are starting from scratch, create a new Rule, and then for the only Rule Entry, you will use, use the following formula as your criteria:
REGEX ( UPPER ( SuppliedEmail ) , "^[A-Z0-9._%+-/!#$%&'*=?^_`{|}~]+@[A-Z0-9.-]+\\.[A-Z]{2,4}$" )

Using this formula, a response will only be sent to a "valid" email address according to this formula.

When using multiple Rule Entries, you would need to adjust all your criteria to take this formula in account as well.

Since now none of the Rule Entries will be processed, as a fall-back, a response will be send using the Template defined in the Web-to-Case settings, not setting a Template here, will no longer try to send a response, also no longer sending notifications to case owners.

Note: If you would like to know, for which cases no autoresponse was sent, you could either use the same formula, to assign those cases to a certain user or queue, or you could use a workflow to update a field on the case to be able to show this.

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