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Enabling Enhanced Email will make the outbound Email message not editable

Knowledge Article Number 000239905
Description Starting Summer'16 release, Enhanced Email feature will provide an option to connect your salesforce with External accounts such as Gmail, Office 365 so that users can opt in by connecting their own accounts, they can also see the emails they have sent in their Gmail or Office 365 sent items folder.

However if this feature is Enabled then users may notice that they are unable to Edit the Sent Email of the outbound message.

Steps to reproduce as follows:

1) Send an Email from Account / Contact / Opportunity or any other object with Activities Related list.
2) Scroll down to Activity History of the object related list, click on Edit for the Email message which you have sent.
3) Users may face the issue that they will not be provided with an option to edit the email and save the record.
Resolution If users wish to edit the outbound email message in Salesforce, then Enhanced Email functionality should be Disabled.

Below are the steps to disable the Enhanced Email:

1) Click on Setup | Customize | Email | Enhanced Email
2) Click on Disable.
3) Now, try to edit outbound Email message on any object.

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