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Why am I unable to find one of my records by searching for part of the name in a standard lookup

Knowledge Article Number 000239930
Description Some customers may have observed that they do not get results when they perform a partial search in standard lookups, in this case they search for the record using the second part of the search term hoping to find the desired results.

For Example:

1.Create a Campaign record by the name "Salesforce Test"
2.Create an Opportunity called "Salesforce Opportunity"
3.Go to the Campaign Influence related list on the "Salesforce Opportunity" Opportunity record.
4. Click on "Add to Campaign"
5. Click on the Campaign Name Standard Lookup field
[Note: Enhanced lookups cannot be enabled on the Campaign objectI]
6. Pick the appropriate option from "Search Within", such as All Campaigns
7. Search for Test
8. Notice that no results are returned
9. Now search for Salesforce OR Salesforce Test OR salesforce* OR *test
10. You will now see the record in the search results.
Resolution This is Working As Designed and we have this documented in H&T

Can I Use a Partially Matching Search?

"To find the correct record, enter the full search term. The lookup search does not use automatic partially matching searches with trailing wildcards. This behavior is to avoid returning unwanted results to you."

You can find additional information on standard lookups here


- Search for Salesforce OR Salesforce Test OR salesforce* OR *test instead

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