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List of Processes not being displayed

Knowledge Article Number 000239954
Description When navigating to Create - Workflow & Approvals - Process Builder I don't see any Processes and some must exist. All I see is a "Welcome to the Process Builder!" message and 0 items in the "My Processes" list.
Even if I create a new one the list will remain with 0 items.
Resolution This may occur when a Flow Definition is found with no versions associated with it, a silenced internal server error occurs in the background making the list to fail and not display.

You can use Metadata Tools (e.g. Workbench, IDE...) to retrieve that information and delete the offending FlowDefinition. For example, using Workbench:
1. Login to
2. Navigate to Info - Metadata Types & Components.
3. In the "Choose a metadata type describe and list its components" select FlowDefinition.
4. Click the Expand All option and you'll see all the FlowDefinitions in your Organization.
5. Hover over the Id values and click the "View in Salesforce" link.
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Most of them will open the same "Welcome to the Process Builder!" page but one of them will display an Internal Server Error. That one needs to be deleted for the issue to disappear. 

If you're familiar with Metadata API you can use that to delete the offending FlowDefinition.
If you're not familiar with it and need assistance please create a case with Support with the following information:
- Organization Id
- Confirmation that you're a System Administrator in the Org mentioned above [Yes/No]: (if not a System Administrator, please connect with one in your Organization)
- FlowDefinition Id that is causing the issue (the one giving an Internal Server Error): 
- Confirmation that you give us permission to delete the offending FlowDefinition Id mentioned above [Yes/No]: 

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