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Why are the data categories not mapped on knowledge articles post refresh of a partial copy sandbox?

Knowledge Article Number 000239964
Description After creation or refresh of a partial copy sandbox, you might notice that the data categories are not mapped over the knowledge articles and they would just be shown as blank. 
Resolution Customer might have selected all objects on the sandbox template (partial copy) which would include standard object 'Solution'. This object has underlying references to DataCategory and customer might not have used Solution object on production org at all i.e they do not have even a single record created under Solution object. As a result of which Data storage usage of the object 'Solution' is not reflected on either production org or the sandbox post refresh activity.

In order to fix the issue, either exclude 'Solution' object from the sandbox template(partial copy) or create a Solution record on production org(the same record can be deleted once created) just to make sure a count of 1 or 0 is reflected under Data Storage Usage for Solution object.This should resolve the issue and will be able to see data categories mapped correctly on the knowledge articles after the partial copy sandbox is refreshed. 

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