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Candidate Patients are not displaying within Console

Knowledge Article Number 000239968
Description Within the Health Cloud Console, when I select the Candidate Patients list view, zero records are displayed.

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However, these records can be displayed outside of the Console. To confirm records exist, view the Candidate Patients outside of the Console:

1) Go to "All Tabs".
2) Notice there are two tabs labeled "Candidate Patients". Select the first tab, with the stethoscope icon. (The other "Candidate Patients" tab is the same VisualForce tab used within the Console).
3) Notice there may be Candidate Patient records displayed within Recent Items or click Go on a list view to see results.
Resolution This may occur when the required Health Cloud permission set is not assigned to the user. The user must be assigned one of the following permission sets:

Health Cloud Standard
Health Cloud Admin

Follow these steps to view and adjust the user's permission set assignments:

1) Go to Setup > Manage Users > Users.
2) Select the User.
3) Locate the Permission Set Assignments related list and click Edit Assignments.
4) Locate the desired permission set on the left and move it to the right column.
5) Save changes.

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Once this is assigned, return to the Health Cloud Console to confirm the issue is resolved. It should look similar to this:

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