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Salesforce for Outlook - SFO does not recognize your Outlook profile

Knowledge Article Number 000239994
Description If a user's Outlook profile is accidently removed, or if they have more than one Outlook profile and keep switching them back and forth, they may see the following or similar errors when launching Salesforce for Outlook (SFO) application:

"Salesforce for Outlook does not recognize your Outlook profile.."
"Salesforce for Outlook cannot synchronize, because you use a profile Outlook which is not yet configured for the Synchronization.."

Your Salesforce for Outlook is linked with your Outlook profile and when you change your Outlook profile or remove it, SFO gets confused and is unable to connect to it anymore. Sometimes this may also occur if you run Outlook as Administrator. 
Resolution To resolve, simply have user re-configure the SFO setup wizard:
1) Just right-click on your Salesforce for Outlook system tray icon at the bottom right corner of your screen and click on Settings..

2) Click Change Username button and re-enter your Salesforce credentials and complete the setup wizard.


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