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Add Fields to Record Banner in Communities

Knowledge Article Number 000240056
Description When a Community is created, there are few fields which will be automatically display in the Record Banner in any Community. We can add desired fields to the Record Banner by adding them to the Compact Layout
Resolution Below are the steps to add fields to the Record Banner in Communities for Case object and please follow the same procedure for adding fields to other objects as well. 

1. Add fields from Compact Layout on object which will display on Community: 

           a. Go to Setup | Customize | Cases | Compact Layouts | New
           b. Give a Label and Name to the Compact Layout.
           c. Add desired fields from Available Fields to Selected Fields
2. Assign the Compact Layout to Object. 

           a. Click on Compact Layout Assignment
           b. Click on Edit Assignment.
           c. Change the Primary Compact Layout from System Default to the one we created. 

3. Go to Setup | Customize | Communities | All Communities. 

4. Click on URL on any of your Active Communities

5. Open any case record on Community and see the added fields on Top of each record.

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