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Dedicated IP and Shared IP sending

Knowledge Article Number 000240075

Dedicated IPs

Full control over sending reputation is important to serious senders. Using a dedicated IP address puts the client in the driver’s seat because their data, engagement metrics, and sending practices solely drive the IPs reputation.

Dedicated IP addresses are great for clients who:

  • Plan to have a volume above 100,000 sends per month
  • Want to have full control over the reputation of their sending IP which they can’t achieve on our shared IP pool.

A single IP address, when properly ramped up for volume, can support between 2.5 and 3 million emails per day. If your client has a high volume near this amount, plans to expand their volume or frequency, or wants to separate their transactional mail flow from their commercial, they could benefit from multiple Dedicated IPs.


Shared IP sending

Shared IP pool sending is a good strategy for low volume senders. Clients with less than 100k messages per month can benefit from a shared sending strategy where other clients volumes are helping to build and maintain a sending reputation on the IP pool that they couldn’t manage on their own.

Notes and considerations for Shared IP sending

  • There are at least 2 active shared IPs available in each stack at any time and, depending on where the client’s account is housed, their sending IPs may vary. For a full list of current shared IPs by stack, see our "IP Addresses for Inclusion on Whitelists" help guide.
  • Blocking and bulking issues may come and go on the shared IPs as the reputation is shared amongst the sending practices of all clients on that pool. While we do our best to ensure clients are following best practices related to sending and data gathering, issues can still come up and clients should be made aware of that in the Sales cycle.

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