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How do I adjust the column width of the page layout within Financial Service Cloud

Knowledge Article Number 000240109
Description For FSC's Home page, we're leveraging core Salesforce's home page (a flexipage), with a few components that we built specifically for FSC. 

The page itself is divided into two columns - the left panel and the right assistant, by default. The left panel is further subdivided into two columns (see attached screenshot to case). 

While Salesforce does not provide a scalability option on each component, we still can scale our components to either fit in the column, or the entire left (or right assistant) panel, by positioning the component in the correct place. 

When you drag the component from the left palette in the edit screen, you can place the component where-ever you want it to be. By positioning the component in the correct place, you can set the width to column or panel width.

Resolution Please move forward with the following steps to adjust the size: 

1. Edit the Home page by selecting Edit Page in the gearbox icon on the top right corner of the home page. 
2. Drag and drop the desired components below the Quarterly Performance chart to obtain 2/3 page width. 
3. Drag and drop the desired components into one of the 1/3 page width columns to size the component at 1/3 page width. 
4. Click Save to preserve changes. 

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