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Inverse Relationships field on the layout is not working as intended

Knowledge Article Number 000240113

When two parties interact, each plays a specific role to the other.
For example, a lawyer has a client; the client has a lawyer. So, when the admin/user creates a RR for Lawyer, with inverse role Client; the back-end creates 2 records (instead of just the one):
---- Role: Lawyer, Inverse Role: Client [Created by manual data entry]
---- Role: Client, Inverse Role: Lawyer [Created by trigger on save]


Resolution - We need to do two things to get this feature to work as desired:

From the management settings for the appropriate object "Client", go to Page Layouts.
---- Bring Create Inverse Relationship on the layout.
---- Make sure Admin/or affected user has FLS access (from profile) to the field "Inverse Relationships"

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