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Health Service Cloud is not working as needed after installation

Knowledge Article Number 000240114
Description Things to check to verify the package was installed and configured correctly:
Resolution 1) Verify Case Team Roles have been created for 'Patient' and 'Care Coordinator'
2) Verify that default HC record types have been assigned to appropriate profiles for Account, Contact, Case, and Task
3) Verify that HC page layouts have been assigned for the record types for objects in #1
4) Verify HC perm sets have been assigned as needed for users
5) Verify HC console users have Service Cloud User checked

6) Verify that the package install process created the Health Cloud Assets folder/items in the Documents tab
7) Verify that the post-install process inserted data into the following objects: Timeline View Configurations, Patient Care Configurations, Cross Object Relationships, Filter Criteria

Steps 1-5 needs to be performed by the customer after installation of the HC package. 

Steps 6-7 should be automatically performed when the package is installed. If not, create an Investigation. Data can be manually entered into these objects as a workaround.

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