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How to make Detail page on record as Default view on Lightning Experince?

Knowledge Article Number 000240144
Description On Lightning Experience, when I open any object record, the Default page shows as Related or an Activity. I would like to make Details tab as Default view.
Resolution To make Detail page as Default view on Lightning Experience, Below are the steps:

Switch to Lightning Experience:

1) Click on any Object | Open a Record | On Top Right Corner Click on Setup | Select Edit Page |

         a) On Left Panel click on Tabs 
         b) You will notice Record View on middle of the page | Click on Details. Please find below screenshot to select "Details"

User-added image

     c) On Right Top Panel | Click on Default Tabs drop down | Select Details | Click on Save and Activate | Go Back.

You will notice on object record you selected as Edit Page, is showing Details as Default Page.


If you wish to set Details as Default View on every object, Please follow the above steps on every object individually.

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