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Home Page Tab is Missing for Users

Knowledge Article Number 000240146
Description Home page Tab is not visible for the users. On Profile the Tab permission is set to Default On and on Customize My Tabs option, Home tab is selected.

Steps To check the settings on Customize My Tabs:

1) Login in as User:

       a) Home Page Tab is missing after logging in.
       b) Click the (+) icon to access All Tabs
       c) Click on Customize My Tabs
       d) Home Tab is already part of the Selected Tabs

Steps for System Admin to check the permission on Profile:

1) Click on Setup | Manager User | Profile | 

      a) Click on the affected users Profile.
      b) On Tabs Permission | Home tab is already set as Default On for the afftected users.

Resolution Below are the steps to resolve the issue:

1) Click on Setup | Customize | User Interface | 

     a) Disable Enable Enhanced Profile on User Interface.
     b) Click on Save.

2) Enable Overwrite users personal tab customizations

     a) Go to Setup | Manage Users | Profiles
     b) Click on Edit on affected Profile
     c) Go to Tab Settings
     d) Check the box for Overwrite Users Personal tab Customizations
     c) Click on Save.

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