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Files Connect/Sharepoint Files can no longer be accessed using "Login as" feature starting Summer '16 Release

Knowledge Article Number 000240147
Description Starting Summer '16 release, Files Connect/Sharepoint files can no longer be accessed using the "login as" feature in Salesforce.
Resolution In previous releases, impersonating a user allowed an administrator to access user's external files, however it was removed since this feature should only be used for Salesforce data and should not also work for external data.

When logging in as another user, you will now see only the configuration settings of Files Connect in the Setup tree. You will no longer be able to access the Files Connect External Data Sources (browsing, searching, downloading, previewing, etc). 

Previewing "Recent Items" may error with "This external data source couldn't be found".  When searching and browsing records from the Files tab the user will see the the warning.  "You are not authorized to perform that operation."

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