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Article search in Communities setup returns only articles in the user's default language

Knowledge Article Number 000240151
Description The Community manager is unable to search Articles which are in different language than his/her default personal language under Community Management setup, therefore he/she is not able to add Featured and Navigational topics to Articles, which are in different language than his/hers. 

Click path:
1. Go to Setup | All communities | Manage 
2. Go to Topics | Article Management
3. Search an Article which is on an other language than yours.
Resolution This is working as designed and the same way the Global Search is working, when looking for Articles: If you're in a multiple language Salesforce Knowledge organization, Global Search Article results are in your default personal language. If your default personal language is not supported by Salesforce Knowledge, your results are in your organization's knowledge base default language.

Knowledge searches require specifying the publishing status and the language, which is why you see ways to set the language in the Article Management & Knowledge tabs. The Community manager doesn't have a language option for specifying this, so it is defaulting to published articles in the same language as the user.  

To support for this feature in future releases, please go to the Idea Exchange:


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