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Receiving error when accessing "Group Related List" via Community

Knowledge Article Number 000240162
Description When an admin adds the Group Related List to the Navigation Menu, if they try to access the Group Related List page within the Builder or when previewing the Community, they will receive an error. 
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Steps to reproduce: 
Go to Setup and go to All Communities
Click Builder next to your Community
Go to Page Editor tab and click on Page Structure tab
Click on the Navigation Menu and on the right side click on Edit Navigation Menu
Add the Community Page "Group Related List" and save
Under Branding Editor tab, click on Group Related List page
Error: The page can't be displayed
The Group Related List page can’t be displayed. Instead, try navigating to the page directly from within the Branding Editor or while previewing your community.
Click Preview and go to Group Related List page
It will say "Invalid Page"
Resolution The usual cause for this error is due to the URL for the Group Related List Navigation Menu. By default, the URL is /group/related/:parentRecordId/:relatedList. This URL needs to be updated by replacing the ":parentRecordId" with the ID for the Group and replacing the ":relatedList" with the name of the related list you want. 

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