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Health Cloud: What defines a Patient?

Knowledge Article Number 000240164
Description What is a Patient record?
Resolution An 'individual' is comprised of both an Account and a Contact record that each use the 'Individual' record type. These records point to each other (the Account has a Primary Contact lookup field).
NOTE: It is incorrect to use an Individual record type with only a Contact or Account record separately.

A Patient is an Individual (i.e., Account+Contact) that also has a Care Plan (i.e., Case) which is populated in the Care Plan lookup field on the Account record. Furthermore, the Patient needs to exist on the Care Team (i.e., Case Team) in a 'Patient' role. This relationship can be made to the Contact record of the Patient (or the community User record if the patient is enabled for communities). A Patient will likely also have an EHR Patient record which points to the Account record of the Patient.

A Candidate Patient is simply a row of data on the Candidate Patient object. Candidate Patients can be converted into Patients using the conversion wizard. The wizard will take care of creating the records and relationships described above. It is the easiest way to ensure that everything is setup correctly to view the Patient in the console. 

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