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How to Change Record Owner in Lightning Experience User Interface

Knowledge Article Number 000240165
Description You can give ownership of a record to another user as long as that user has atleast Read permission for the type of record being transferred.
Resolution Switch to Lightning Experience:

User Permission: Transfer Record

1) Go To Object | Open any record | Click on Details page | Go to Record Owner field |

      a) Click on the Change Owner Icon User-added image besides Owner Name:


If you don’t see Change Owner Icon, you don’t have Profile Permissions to Transfer Record.

2. Once you click on Icon you can enter or select a New Owner name from drop-down list.

3. Select the Send Notification Email checkbox to notify the New Owner

Second method to Change the Ownership on record in Lightning Experience is through Change Owner Button, Please find the below steps:

1) Go To Setup | Setup Home | Object and Fields | Object Manager | Select the Object | Go To Page layout

     a) Select Buttons on the top left corner.

     b) Check for Change Owner Button and drag & drop in layout in button section or if the button is Grayed out, which means               button is already added to your detail page layout.

Change Owner button on object record:

User-added image

     c) Click on Save.


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