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Precedence between Live Agent and Omni-Channel push time out

Knowledge Article Number 000240184
Description Push Time-Out is the amount of time given to an agent to respond to an assigned item (Chats via Live Agent or other records when using Omni-Channel) before it’s pushed to another agent. This can be set with Live Agent Routing Information and with Omni-Channel Routing Configurations. If both are configured with a different a value (time in seconds) the time set for Live Agent takes precedence over Omni-Channel routing configuration.
Resolution Scenario: If the Omni-Channel push time out is set to 60 seconds and Live Agent push time out is only 15 seconds, some agents are unable to accept chat requests.

This is working as expected. The push time out set on the Live Agent Chat Button takes precedence.
You may set the push time out for live agent to 60 seconds to give ample time for the users to accept the chat request

More details on Live Agent and Omni-Channel configuration is discussed with the following documentation:

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