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Resolving Issues With Custom Integration Users in Wave Analytics

Knowledge Article Number 000240203
Description When Wave Analytics (or any of the Wave Apps) are activated, a system-generated "Integration User" is created. This user has a number of special properties that can cause issues if the user is manually deactivated. Considerations for enabling Wave can be found here.

If you wish to customize aspects of the Integration User, please clone and modify the Analytics Cloud Integration User profile. User-added image Please do not modify or deactivate the Integration User directly.

Deactivating the system-generated user and creating a new user based on the associated license can cause extensive problems with Wave functionality, especially if Wave is deactivated while the Integration User has been deactivated.
Note: The steps to resolve this involve disabling and enabling Wave. This will result in a loss of the Default Salesforce Dataflow, see notes about disabling Wave here.

Steps to Resolve

1. Edit the custom Integration User. Information on editing users can be found here.
2. Change the Profile to "Analytics Cloud Security User Profile".
3. Deactivate the custom Integration User.
4. Disable Wave.
5. Enable Wave.

If you encounter difficulty with this process, please contact Salesforce Support for more assistance.

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