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"Unknown Label:loggedOut" or You've been logged out of Salesforce due to security settings

Knowledge Article Number 000240205

If you're getting logged out of Salesforce for Outlook (SFO) after a while, or in some cases immediately after you install and configure the wizard, we'll cover what you need to do to fix the issue. 

Resolution The cause of this is having the option "Immediately expire refresh token." To prevent this from happening on a regular basis, you'll need to change your settings for your Orgs Refresh Token Policy.

Update Refresh Token Policy

The steps outlined need to be followed by your organization's admin. 

1. Login to your Salesforce org.
2. Click Setup.
3. Using the Quick Find / Search search for Connected Apps.
4. Under Manage Apps, click Connected Apps
5. On the "Connected Apps" page, locate "Salesforce for Outlook" and click on Edit.
6. Under "Oauth Polices," click the radio button for 
Refresh token is valid until revoked next to "Refresh Token Policy."

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7. Click Save.
Exit and restart the SFO app from the system tray.


Identify the problem


You get the error message, "You've been logged out of Salesforce based on your organization's security settings. Click this message to log in again."

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Or, you see <<Unknown Label:loginButton>> message in your Side Panel.
side panel error

You can also identify the problem by reviewing the AddinTrace and Trace log files and they show the following:


2015-04-24 15:17:11,290 [13152     ] ERROR sfdcsession     LogOn failed with exception - token validity expired
2015-04-24 15:18:55,635 [3604      ] DEBUG general         Application status changed to SalesforceNotConnected, SalesforceCredentialsInvalid
2015-04-24 15:21:06,567 [3364      ] DEBUG general         Not running Synchronize: cannot sync now Status:SalesforceNotConnected, SalesforceCredentialsInvalid


2015-04-24 15:18:50,362 [4816      ] DEBUG adxsidepanel    NavigateTo : url= file:///C:/Users/xxxx/AppData/Roaming/ for Outlook/sidepanelcontainer.htm%3FloggedOutLabel=<<Unknown Label:loggedOut>>&loggedOutDetailLabel=<<Unknown Label:oauthPolicy>>&buttonLabel=<<Unknown Label:loginButton>>


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