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Sharing Setting "Any user in your company" not available for files in Lightning Experience

Knowledge Article Number 000240215
Description Some customers may have noticed that they no longer see the option "Any user in your company" under sharing settings for a File initially marked as private via the Aloha console.

For Example:

1. Upload a file in Aloha Classic
2. Set the sharing setting for "Any user in your company" to "No Access"
3. Now Switch to Lightning Experience
4. And access the file from Step 1 via the Files tab
5. Click on the drop down and click on Share.
6. You will see that there is no way you can extend access to the company i.e., you won't see the option to change "Any user in your company" to either Viewers or Collaborators.
Resolution This is Working as Designed and is a known limitation with Files in Lightning Experience, Users can restrict access by clicking on the 'x' should the File sharing setting be anything but Private, but not the other way around.

Users can open access to the company by doing the following:

1. Share the file with a Public Group that has all internal users in it.
2 .Share the file on the company Feed
3. Extend Access to "Any user in your company" via Aloha Classic

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