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BEST PRACTICES: End-User Survey - Example

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Salesforce Cloud Services

End-User Surveys

(example attached)


It can help to answer the questions if you are following the right path to increase adoption by increasing the benefit of the application for your users. It will also provide answers in which areas you might need to engage and develop.
Typically you will find a survey can help you to understand current pain points, e.g. overloaded page layouts, missing knowledge of features and many more, but also where you do well.

At various stages in your Salesforce implementation lifecycle, you will need to find out how users are using your system, and what can be done to support them in a better way.

Reasons to run a survey:
  • low adoption in general
  • low adoption of specific features, capabilities
  • identify training needs (e.g. on mobile, Chatter, processes etc.)
  • identify new requirements
  • develop the roadmap
  • etc.

In the attachment you will find a survey example, that contains example questions broken down into the following sections:

  • Before you start (objective and definition of general planning of survey)
  • Background (who to send the survey to and where are they located?)
  • Communication
  • General Usage
  • Role Specific Usage 
  • Training
  • User Experience
  • Strategic Planning
  • Feedback


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