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Lightning for Outlook with on premise Exchange and Communication errors

Knowledge Article Number 000240227
When using Lightning for Outlook with on premise Exchange systems sometimes users may not be able to display Lightning for Outlook cards or relate emails and could see errors similar to:
"We Encountered a problem. Try again, or contact your administrator and mention there
was a communication error with Exchange."

"Because Microsoft Exchange isn't available now, you can't relate emails and their
attachments to Salesforce records until Exchange is available again"
Verifying some of the following may resolve such errors:
1. Use the Lightning for Outlook Debug Tool and ensure the Exchange Metadata URL corresponds to the one displayed using the Token Decoder. Ensure all test are successful.

2. In Lightning for Outlook setup also specify https://* in the "Allow access from your own trusted domains" area.

3. Ensure that the following are exposed to calls from the Salesforce application:
- Exchange metadata URL
- Exchange Web Services URL

Note: the Outlook Web App  (OWA) URL is specified and restricted from within the Lightning for Outlook setup in Salesforce and this doesn't have to be publicly exposed since only the client browser needs access to OWA. This is mentioned since it's an important URL to remember when setting up Lightning for Outlook

Some considerations for Exchange Administrators:

- Lightning for Outlook accesses data based on "Office.js" ( client-side calls.  The manifest it uses specifies ReadWriteMailbox so that Lightning for Outlook can read the email/event and its attachments. Write access is needed so the application can write the Salesforce task/event ID back to the Exchange record via a EWS call placed through the Office.js API.

- talks about the configuration requirements for the EWS call that Lightning for Outlook can make.

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