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Financial Service Cloud Navigation Tabs not Showing

Knowledge Article Number 000240233
Description Moved forward and created custom navigation tabs by

1. From Setup (in Lightning Experience only), enter Navigation in the Quick Find box, then select Navigation Menus.
2. Select New.
3. Enter a name, such as Financial Services Cloud.
4. Next, drag available items to the Navigation Menu Items list and order them with the most-used items at the top—typically Home, Clients, and Households.

I fully created the set up and saved and still do not see the Navigation Tabs I created.  I refreshed the page, the home screen and nothing took place.
The affected users profile has not been assigned to the Home Page as needed. Follow through with the above steps. On the last page you will have the option to assign the menu to the Advisor profile.

Assign the affected user's profile as needed.

Save your changes.

Refresh the full page. If you find that no change was made log out of Financial Service Cloud and log back in to make sure it reverted as needed. 


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