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PARTNER: Get a Healthcare Cloud Demo

Knowledge Article Number 000240258
Description Small Alert Icon NOTE: This article provides instructions on how Partners can request the Health Cloud demo. 

Salesforce for Healthcare is a platform that connects conversations, devices, processes, services, and patient data in a whole new way providing a much better patient experience.



1. You need a Partner DE org; obtain via EnvHub
2. Complete Learning Path. Follow the instructions below. 

HEALTH CLOUD LEARNING PATH and Demo via Health Cloud Chatter Group
2.  Health Cloud Recorded Partner Briefings
NOTEWe recommend you copy the link below into a new browser. You must login with your @partnertraining user ID - use - to login.  Copy/Paste the link for each desired course AGAIN into the navigation bar for this browser to access the courseACCESS PROBLEMS? - You may need to clear your browser cache, for Chrome, instructions on doing that are here.
3.  Health Cloud Introductory Training Path
4.  Health Clould Foundational Training Path
NOTE: You may have to be off of your corporate network, or disconnect from VPN to access the video content in this training.
5. Demo Org Request form (Steps 3 & 4 are Required)
6. Implementation Designation Training 

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