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Attach Multiple Files to a Single Post

Knowledge Article Number 000240275
Community users can add up to 10 files to a single feed post.  Comment only can only attach 1 file.

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words, but other times it takes five pictures to get a point across. Do your community users find themselves creating multiple posts just so they can share several related images or other files? Do they want to add more than just one file to a single question? Now they can! Here’s what your community users can look forward to:
  • Attach multiple files in the feed publisher
  • View multiple file thumbnails in the feed
  • Page through multiple files in the new file previewer

When posting in a community, attach up to five files to support your question.

Attach Multiple Files to Question

Community viewers can see thumbnails for the files in the feed.

Multiple File Thumbnails

Click any thumbnail to view the files in the new multi-file previewer. From there, you can click through all the files in the post, download each file, and access other quick actions in the toolbar.

Preview Multiple Files

Multiple file attachments are supported in Chatter REST API, Chatter in Apex, and SOAP API.

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