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Why do I see duplicate records in my report when including Territory fields or grouped by Territory Name?

Knowledge Article Number 000240279
Description Standard Report types behave differently from Custom Report types. They change their behavior based on which fields/columns are selected. If you don't select any Territory field, then the report behaves as Contacts with Accounts. If you select atleast one Territory field, then the report behaves as Contacts with Accounts and Territories.

As a result, if an Account or Contact is assigned to two different Territories or is assigned to the same Territory for different reasons, it will be returned twice. 

If you add the Row Cause column, you will see that those contacts that are returned twice have two different values in the Row Cause column, the values are Territory Assignment Rule and Territory Manual. Because of this, these Contacts are returned twice. 
Resolution In order to avoid the duplication, you can: 

1. Remove the Territory Name field/column from the report or

2. Add the filter criteria Row Cause equals Territory Assignment Rule

Either of these measures will allow to avoid the duplication and display each record only once.


They are returned twice even if the Row Cause field is not selected as long as there is one field from Territories, each record will be evaluated against the Territory object and will show once per each Territory value, in the same way as the same Account is returned multiple times, once per each Contact.

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