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How to determine the Users License type assigned to users through reporting?

Knowledge Article Number 000240280
Description How to create a report on User License type assigned to each user's?
Resolution As per the Standard Report Type, License type will display as Standard if Salesforce license is assigned to users.

To display Salesforce as a User License type on report, Below is the workaround:

1) Create a Custom Formula Text field under the User object:

        a) Go to Setup | Customize | Users | Fields
        b) Click on New and select Formula field type and then Text
        c) Use the formula: Profile.UserLicense.Name
        d) Click on Save.

2) Create a New Administrative User report:

        a) Go to the Report tab
        b) Click on New report
        c) Under the Administrative reports | Select Users
        d) Add the New Custom Formula field in the report
        e) Run the Report and Save.

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