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Deployment fails with the error "Error: Unknown user permission: DistributeFromPersWksp"

Knowledge Article Number 000240294
Description Some times the deployment fails with the permission "Error: Unknown user permission: DistributeFromPersWksp". This means that your target organization does not have "Content Deliveries" setup.
Resolution The permission DistributeFromPersWksp is related to "Deliver Uploaded Files and Personal Content" permission at the profile level. It enables non-Content users to create content deliveries, and enables Salesforce CRM Content users to create content deliveries using documents in their <contentWorkspace_PersonalWorkspaces/>. 

To enable the above permission, Customer needs to activate the Content Deliveries on his target organization. To do so, 

Please navigate to Customize --> Salesforce Files --> Settings and check 
Enable Enable content deliveries 
Enable Creation of Content Deliveries for Salesforce Files 

If you are not able to see the above option to enable it,Please raise a case with salesforce support. we need to enable a permission "Enable content delivery setup" at the organization level to let you see the options under the Setup.

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