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How to track Field History on Formula Fields?

Knowledge Article Number 000240351
Description Field History Tracking cannot be set on Formula fields as per Standard functionality. However, you can workaround this by creating a custom field, tracking that one instead, and make sure you're updating it with a workflow rule to retain the same values than the Formula field.
Resolution Please follow the below steps:

1. Create a Custom field with the Formula field's Data type. If you need help you can see how to Create Custom Fields.

2. Create a Workflow Rule to populate the Custom field with the value of the Formula field:

        a) Click Setup | Create | Workflow & Approvals | Workflow Rules | New Rule and select the Object
        b) Evaluation Criteria: Created, and every time it's edited.
        c) Select Rule Criteria per the Business Requirement (Example: Formula Evaluates:TRUE)
3. Workflow Action: Field Update:

       a) Field to Update: Select New Custom Field.
       b) Specify New Field Value: Use a formula to set the new value.
             Insert: Required Formula field ( which you would like to set as Field History Tracking )
       c) Click Save.       
4. From the Management Settings for the object on which you track the field, click Set History Tracking and check the Custom Field to track.

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